Get to know your neighbours – The Poteri family of Falkland Street

Once a week we are going to try and post a quick little blurb about some of the families that lived in The Old North End over the years. A lot of this work will be done by using sources found online. It will act as a snapshot and won’t, by any means, be complete. So, its a beautiful day in this neighbourhood, a beautiful day for a neighbour… let’s get to know some of ours

The POTERI family of 36 Falkland Street (1935) has recently made available to its subscribers voter lists for most of the federal elections in Canada since 1935. Using the Halifax City voters list for 1935 we are able to get a snapshot of who lived on each street in the city where Census records are not available (the earliest Census available to researchers is the 1911 Census, the 1921 Census is due to be released in 2013 sometime). The 1935 voters list also allows us to see what The Old North End looked like in terms of demographic/economic make up – for instance using Falkland Street as an example it was clear from looking at the professions of those listed as being voter age or older that the majority of the people living on this street  made their living from the trades – of the 120 people listed as living on Falkland Street we have 19 men who’s profession was general labourer. The waterfront played an important role in the lives of the residences with 6 men being Stevedores/Longshoreman, 5 being Seaman and so on.

One family of particular interest is the Poteri family who lived at 36 Falkland Street in 1935.  Of Italian descent in what was otherwise an English/Irish/German ethnic community with neighbours who’s names were Boutilier, Heisler, Rhodenizer, Zinck, Cook, Nickerson, Hogan, Constable, Power,Purcell, White, Oakley, Foley and Murphy the Poteri’s stood out.

The household was led by Anthony J. Poteri who was born in Halifax on 9 January 1900 to an Scilian father Gaspero Poteri and an Irish mother Ellen Lambert. Anthony’s father Gaspero was born 22 December 1850 in Sicily, Italy he came to Canada sometime in the early 1880s. He married Ellen Lambert of Co. Wexford, Ireland who was born on 21 May 1867 the daughter of John and Mary Lambert and she came to Canada in the late 1880s. Gaspero and Ellen married at St. Mary’s Bascilica on 26 October 1896. One of the witnesses to the marriage was a Luigi Tirscornia/Lirscornia which implies that there was a small Italian Catholic community already in Halifax in the mid 1890s. Gaspero appears to have been involved in the Candy business owning a shop on the South end of Gottingen Street.

Gaspero and Ellen had the following children:

1. Anthony, b. 9 January 1900 (see below)

2. Mary,  b. 8 August 1901 she married Francis J. Sullivan at St. Patrick’s Church in Halifax on 18 May 1932.

3. Catherine, b. 30 December 1905 she married Harold J. Colyer at St. Joseph’s Church in Halifax on 16 October 1937.

4. Ellen Teresa, b. ca. 1907 she married William Patrick Little at St. Patrick’s Church in Halifax on 17 June 1930.

Anthony Poteri married Grace Charlton d/o John Charlton and Bridget Doyle of Oxford Street, Halifax on the 31 July 1928 at St. Agnes Church, Halifax. She was born 7 February 1900 to a family already of 9 brothers and sisters. Anthony was by profession a postman likely delivering mail in and around The Old North End. Anthony Poteri died at the age of 47 on 1 March 1947 leaving a young family. Grace would live well into her 80s being buried at Gates of Heaven cemetery in Sackville on 19 June 1980. The Poteri’s had the following children:

1.  Bernice Poteri, b. unknown

2. Ann Poteri, b. unknown she married Gordon Rowe

3. Brendan Anthony Poteri, b. ca. 1933, d. 16 October 1995

4. John William Poteri, b. 13 January 1934, d. 31 December 2011.

The Poteri family through John William Poteri would go on to have a huge impact outside of The Old North End as John William was one of original founders of the Centennial Arena in Fairview and would act as its general manager for over 40 years. The Poteri’s were also known locally in Fairview as having the most spectacular christmas display on Gesner Street across from Fairview Junior High School.

The Poteri family of 36 Falkland Street represent just one small snapshot of the types of people who lived in and around The Old North End.

6 thoughts on “Get to know your neighbours – The Poteri family of Falkland Street

  1. Interesting – my maternal great-great-grandparents, Esrom & Ann (SPIERS) BOUTILIER lived at 26 Falkland Street. I believe the house is still standing although the numbering has changed, of course.

  2. This is an awesome story. My name is Kelly and I am one of 5 children of Ann and Gordon Rowe. The Poteri family and descendants are still living in the area.

  3. I was so excited to read this..I am Maryann (Rowe) May, and I am the youngest child of Ann (Poteri) Rowe and Gordon Rowe. This article makes me want to keep researching our family, on both sides.

    • Maryann May, glad you were able to find this. I picked the Poteri family at random so I am glad that it was useful information for you. Just goes to show what an hour or so of searching can dig up.

      • I am Frank (Richard Francis) Sullivan, born. Aug. 13, 1933, only child of Francis W. Sullivan and Mary Agnes Poteri. I came upon this interesting bit of family history while trying to find Jack Poteri who I now find has passed away. I remember the Poteris well from their home on Deacon Street in Halifax. My early years were at (then) 20 Russell Street, later on Duncan Street, Shirey Street and Windsor Street (near the old Forum) before beginning what became a kind of migration across Canada, settling (finally?) in Victoria, BC. My last contact with any family member was with Ann Rowe several years ago. My daughter, Colleen Mares, has begun a more energetic probing of our history. Earlier, Susan Little, daughter of my cousin Bernard and Dee Little, had begun a similar safari into our family background, but I have lost touch with all relatives. I do have clear memories of my life in the North End and of Alexander McKay School. I was told my paternal ancestors donated land for the building of St. Joseph’s Church, which for most of the years I lived in Halifax functioned as a basement before its architectural completion. I was told that Sullivan Street was named after our family; Russell and Veith Streets after a family friend.

  4. I am Ann Poteri Rowe, born June 21,1940. My father Anthony was an inside postal worker (mail sorter). My sister Bernice was born February 3,1930 and died May 2002. I am the last surviving child of Anthony and Grace Poteri. I have 5 children. 1) Traise Elizabeth (Robert) Bevans born 1958 Halifax. Children Emily, Marc. 2) Timothy Gordon (Joan) Rowe born 1965 Halifax. Children Katelyn, Andrew. 3) Kelly Lynn (Tony) Richards born 1966 Halifax. Children Liam, Owen. 4) Lisa Marie (Kevin) Wyer born 1969. Children Eric, Ben. 5) Maryann Elizabeth (Philip) May born 1973 Halifax. Children Erin, Seth. To the best of my knowledge, 3 grandsons of Gaspero Poteri (Frank Sullivan, Bernie Little, John Colier) are still living in Canada, although I have lost touch with them.

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