CBC Mainstreet Interview – December 3, 2012

On December 3rd I was invited to speak with Stephanie Domet (@StephanieDomet) the host of CBC’s afternoon show Mainstreet. They found this blog to be an interesting look at the history and life of the North End so asked me to come and speak about it. In case you didn’t hear the interview here is the LINK.

I would like to thank Spacing Atlantic, CBC and Stephanie for taking the time to work with me on this blog and for having me on the show to talk about it. Thank you as well to everyone who has come to visit the blog and learn a little bit more about our city!


St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Brunswick Street

As mentioned many times before Brunswick Street was one of the most religious streets in Halifax due to the fact that it had 6 churches located along its short three blocks between Cogswell and North streets. One of those churches was St. John’s Presbyterian Church and today being the 95th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion its very appropriate to look at the building of St. John’s Presbyterian church which was destroyed in that massive disaster.

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A visit to Brunswick Street in 1966

Hope Cottage, Brunswick street looking South

Editor’s Note: Cross-posted from Spacing Atlantic

The North End of Halifax use to be one of the most desirable places to live and Halifax’s elite built beautiful large homes along streets like Brunswick street. However by the mid-1960s the area has been marked for urban renewal, nearby Uniacke Square public housing development was under construction. The following is a photo essay and recollection of Stephen Archibald (Twitter @Cove17) who decided to visit the North End of Halifax and in particular the historic Brunswick street area. I’d like to thank Stephen for sharing these photos and his memories with us and for his contribution to the Old North End blog.

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