A view of the Old North End – early 1970s

I found this picture today amongst some old photos while home visiting my parents. This photo was taken on one of the higher floors of Sunrise Manor on Gottingen Street. It shows the length of Creighton Street with the centre of the picture being the corner of Creighton Street and Buddy Daye Street.


The photo was taken sometime after 1971 as Fenwick Tower can be seen in the background along with 5670 Spring Garden Road (built in 1967); the Tupper Building on College Street (built in 1966) and the Abbey Lane. This is also pre-construction of the Gordon B. Isnor Manor building on Cornwallis Street between Creighton and Maynard. I’m not quite sure when the Gordon B. was built but the real life Gordon B. Isnor died in 1973 so I assume it was built after his death.

The blue house in the forefront with the mansard roof with the small peaked roofed house still stands today, however the roof of the blue house has been capped.


The houses that are opposite of the above houses which are clearly visible in the photo have been demolished and the remaining section of this block of Creighton has been turned into town house style housing (public housing?).


This famous picture of three children playing on Creighton Street shows what I believe to be the remaining section of this block of the street. The four houses that are prominent in this photo and look like they are falling over are cut out of the the photo I found, but you can clearly see the next two houses, especially the large square houses with what looks like a passage way in the middle of the first floor.

Would love if people who grew up in the neighbourhood could share their photos?? Always willing to highlight them on the blog.

(photo sources: author; Google Maps and the Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management).


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